Quality that speaks for itself

interior design

Theline specialized in interior design for all types of projects including office, brand shop, restaurant, hotel, apartment, villages, movie theatres
With our professional, experienced design tem, we provide creative design products, which are really suitable for client geomancy, hobbies,
and demand for each specific space. Let us redefine your brand experience.


We provide quantity surveying and construction cost management services to almost all sectors of the built environment.
Our focus is on our client's needs and we are committed to provide a high level service at all stages of a interior project,
from appraisal to post practical completion, using the extensive body of knowledge and benchmarking data that we are able to call upon.

interior construction

Beautiful, fast and always perfect in each detail. We bring all to our client through our excellent service. our experienced,
dynamic team is commited to meeting our clients' every need. Currently, with our installation team of skilled, we will quickly provide quality
products, ensuring the construction schedule for each project. Contact Theline immediately to get free consultancy of interior design.

Furniture Factory

Besides supplying all-in-one services including Interior design and construction for:house, apartment, coffee,hotel, brand shop.
Theline also manufactures fumiture for domestic and foreign market through the factory named "Hoa Go".
We proud of having a professional team of experienced, skilled and full of working passion employees, along with our factory's system.
We have enough capacities to bring the best fit place for our client.
We are a unique block from design to manufacture process, so that we cloud bring the best quality product to client.